Founder Story

Founder Story

From Zero to Hero

Nur Aini binti Zolkepeli, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nurraysa Global Sdn Bhd..

were born in Dungun, Terengganu and managed to reach millionaire status at the age of 23. She started her business at 19 by selling seaweed through Facebook.
Initially, she intended to start a business to increase the family’s income and to help her husband who works as an excavator driver.

Starting with RM500 borrowed from her husband, she started selling seaweed only from home. Unfortunately, the seaweed business is gaining popularity and more and more competitors are emerging. The seaweed business had to be stopped.

The business journey does not stop there. She continued to stand up and take extraordinary action by producing his own collagen soap based on seaweed. After going through the trial process, a new product was created which is Collagen Soap.

Who would have thought, the sale of Collagen Soap, was so popular that sales reached 5 figures within a month. Thus began the journey of the Nurraysa company which is growing day by day to include beauty products, skin care, body care and supplements.

Now, she is the first founder of Wuduk-friendly cosmetics in niqab that maintains a business concept based on shariah compliants.